Friday, June 7, 2013

Moose, flies and canoeing


Our motel in Huntsville was a great starting point to go visit Algonquin Park. The whole purpose of us tourists going there is to enjoy nature and off course see a moose in the wild. We started out having breakfast at the Moose Cafe :) and after that we drove into the park. The man at the permit office told us that his colleague had an encounter with a wolf the night before. The wolf walked right by her. Ok, we would settle for just a moose. And hey there it was in the water at the side off the road. The picture is not very clear, because it was quite a long way away, but we definitely saw one. Our excitement about seeing this great animal was immediately interrupted by a swarm of (what we later learned to be) black flies. Horrible. They actually bit us a couple of times. The reason why the moose are driven out of the woods are actually these flies who are a real pest to them as well. We wanted to go canoeing but were a bit wary about the flies being there too. Luckily they weren't so we spend a lovely time canoeing on Canoe Lake (what's in a name). It was really peaceful and quiet (except for when the lumberjack started chopping down some trees).

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