Thursday, September 10, 2015


A couple of weeks ago my cousin contacted me with a request. She was starting her own clothing line for kids online and wanted to reward the first buyers with a gift. She asked me if I wanted to make them for her. Off course I did. I love a new crafting project. Later I found out she wasn't just starting her own line, she designed everything herself!
All the giveaways are based on the star in her logo. So here is the end result...handmade fairy wands, keychains and star bunting. Go to and maybe you'll be one of the first to order and receive one of my crafted giveaways.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Maison&Objet - Paris

The courtyard of our apartment in Rue du Bouloi

It all started when I boldly decided to offer Dutch designer Jurianne Matter my services when I read on her blog that she sometimes lacked time to design due to all the administrative things she had to do. I wrote her an email that I could help her with the administrative side of things. A week later I was having tea at her house. And now six months later I spend four days on the international trade fair Maison&Objet (interior design and lifestyle) in Paris working as her assistant! It were very long and tiring days (especially for our feet), but we had a lot of fun, spoke a lot of different languages (sometimes three in one conversation) and met some lovely people. Oh, and did some business as well ;) All in all a great experience. The fair was open from 9.30am till 7pm so we didn't see much of the city and I also didn't take a lot of photos. But her is an impression of our time there.

There were 8 halls for people to go to.

This was our lovely stand Q27, in hall 6.

Monday was my last day there, the fair ended on tuesday, and I had some time off to walk around in hall 7 (although my feet were killing me I managed to spot some lovely things).

Rulers by Hay (Danish Design)

Birds by Kristian Vedel (I have a big and small one at home but this was a whole family)