Thursday, September 25, 2014

Back from Ibiza

We just got home from a week on the very popular island of Ibiza. You may have to try a bit harder  than in other not so overcrowded holiday destinations, but there a really some nice quiet (and not so commercial) beaches to be found. Nature is beautiful with its colourful flowers, sunsets and wildlife. See the real live flamingo in the last picture! When you are there don't miss Las Dalias, the hippy market, on saturdays. Here you have to look critically at the products that are sold (some are 'made in china'), but there are some gems to be found. Sluiz is also a nice little shopping center where prices aren't too steep. For dinner we went to the little town of Santa Gertrudis. You can find lots of different restaurants there around a traditional Spanish church square.


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Stamp it up!

In what do you wrap up a book about a journey from Bejing to Paris in a 2CV? Yes exactly, in wrapping paper adorned by little 2CV's. I took part in a workshop by Vlijtig making stamps out of erasers a couple of years ago. There a lot of tutorials out there if you want to give it a go. If you are not really good at drawing like me, just look up a picture on the internet or in a book and copy it.You can also use the stamps to make patterns on fabric or just to make your look envelopes prettier.