Thursday, June 6, 2013

Falls, mennonites and lakes


After Toronto we headed out to Niagara Falls. A couple of words come to mind: beautiful, fabulous and amazing. We went on the Maid of the Mist, the boat tour, which was fun and wet (even though we wore our blue raincoats). We were suprised about how close we actually got. Then it was off to the rural area of Ontario where the Mennonites live. We stayed in a bed and breakfast in St. Jacobs, a small town with a lovely quiltshop (that was one of the reasons I  wanted to go there). I was kind of dissappointed that we only saw one person in traditional clothes and didn's see a horse and carriage, but what can you do. The Farmers market, where the Mennonites sell their produce, wasn't on till Thursday or Friday and we were there on Monday. So not great timing on our part. On Tuesday we made our way to the Colonial Bay Motel near Huntsville. From there we are going to visit Algonquin Park. A friend recommended the motel and we were glad she did because we can see Peninsula Lake from our room.

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