Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Edinburgh, a city with an impressive castle, a beautiful park, lovely old buildings and GREAT shops!! The shops above (except for Bibi's Cake Boutique) were all in the Grassmarket area where we stayed for three days.

1. Mr. Wood's Fossils - we bought a Mosasaur tooth, which is around 70 million years old, for my nephew who turns five this week and is really into dinosaurs (like my boyfriend).

2. Materialise - this shop wasn't actually open when we came across it, but I loved the window. It's a a place to sew in, create, learn and share ideas in and a shop where you can find fabulous fabrics.

3. The Red Door Gallery - okay, so this one is my favorite out of all the shops. They call themselves a 'melting pot of affordable artwork, prints, artists books, accessories, jewellery, homewares and artist cards'. I refrained myself and only bought a brooch and some earrings for my niece who turns eleven in two weeks.

4. Owl & Lion - This is not only a shop where you buy books or prints but where you can also follow bookbinding courses.

5. Bibi's Cake Boutique - Just look at the website, I need not say more!

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