Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Photo Board


Friends of ours celebrated their 10-year wedding anniversary last weekend. Their gift request was 'a little envelope' so we decided to create something around this gift. The result was this photo board with pictures from the last ten years. You can use a canvas, but I used plywood which we had lying around. The great thing is they can put in other pictures whenever they like. I've got a memo board in my hallway for the invitations, postcards and drawings (mostly from my nieces and nephews) I recieve during the year. At the beginning of every new year I take everything down and wonder what nice tidings I'll recieve the coming year.
An other possibility is to hang a memo board in your kitchen with your favorite recipes or your grocery lists or make one for a girlfriend who is about to get married and put pictures on it from here single life or your wishes for her future.

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